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Cinda de Klerk Dirk JV Vuuren

Nickname: 'Hartklopduette'


Currently resides in: North West, South Africa

Born 12-07-1979 in Potchefstroom South Africa

Hartklopduette, not only are they singing partners, but these two phenomenal people have walked a long road to where they are today.

Cinda have been singing from the age of 12, her father bought her first guitar and she entertained friends and family around camp fires and social events. She finished school in Witbank and she started working and got married at the age of 21. Cinda knew what her path held for her and she never stopped trying, she sang in bar’s and got the opportunity to share the stage with some big names in hopes of them noticing her. 2007 Cinda met late Donald Schlundt, they worked together writing and composing songs, of which “San Francisco Memory” is one, and has been recorded by Kimberly Bibb Mars and has also been signed by Night Sky Records. Dondald distribute demos made by Cinda all over to radio stations word wide and for four years the song “I’d be crazy” had airplay in Australia and New Zealand. Cinda shares the stage with big names in the industry, Lance James, Barbara Ray, Jody Wayne and many more. Three months after her third child’s birth Cinda met Dirk at the Drommedaaris festival in Mooinooi, and since then these two artists are inseparable. Cinda also recorded duets with Lance James and Clive Bruce.

Since a young age Dirk had been playing around with tape recorders, recording small programs, even doing the news out of the daily paper, and don’t forget the weather, he entertained his parents with his little radio programs. Being a singer has never crossed his mind. When he finished school he made music on weddings and in local pubs, then the sing-along started and public was encouraging him to start singing. Dirk met Hans Drommedaaris and they shared a stage on a regular basis. He worked on the mines where he had been retrenched and got a position as funeral undertaker in Thabazimbi. Dirk got involved with the community radio where he presented with his mentor Tobie Lambaard who passed away 2014. Dirk organised a family festival and invited Cinda for a slot, and there they discover that they have more in common as originally intended.

In 2009 they register a business CiDi Productions. This is a combination of their names, and they got invited to be extras in the movie Lollipop, they got deeper involved in the film industry and provided extras for 7de Laan, Binnelanders, Scandal, Generations, Winnie, Challenger Last Flight, Fanie Fourie se Labola and had the opportunity to meet, Gerhard Butler, Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore Jennifer Hudson and Terrance Howard, not to mention the South African actors. Cinda had the opportunity to entertain the cast in the filming of Winnie with a duet with Jennifer Hudson as humorous entertainment in a break. CiDi had supplied sets like Wild at Heart with extras, where Dirk entertained everyone in such a manner that he auditioned for a roll without knowing it, and got signed by Out of Africa production for the roll as an “annoying bar customer”. Dirk was also casted as Mr Jackson in High Roller and these to aspirant actors got the opportunity to work with Alfred Ntombela in Skhesheskeshe. Cinda got a part in a Netherlands movie as a boutique owner. With all these adventures they realized that music was far from the scene and they gave the business to Nhlanhla Ndlovu, a very good friend with a passion for his work, who is now sole owner, Nhlanhla did a name change to CiDi Actors and Modelling and is still going strong.
Focussing on music now, “Hartklopduette” was born, which means Heartbeat Duets. After many years Cinda caught up with an old friend Lienjie Bayman, president of the numerous gold medal winners, The Rodeo Girls, and she invites Hartklopduette on a regular basis to share the stage with the Legends, Lance James, Jody Wayne, Manie Jackson, Barbara Ray, Clive Bruce just to mention a few. Local newspapers rename this duet pair as the singing “night in gales” of the North West. They are involved in community projects and Old Age Homes all over South Africa.
Hartklopduet’s main goal is to visit every old age home in South Africa, they tour one week every month and visit two homes per day. Lodges and guest houses is very open in sponsoring this initiative with accommodation of which Hartklop is very thank full for. Should you feel the need to contribute to this cause in any way you are welcome to fill out our form on our web page.
2017 Hartklopduette gets nominated for a SATMA Award and be in the top three SATMA nominated them again for 2018, being known what is required a special album will be recorded with original works from good friend Pauline Matthews, singer, songwriter and composer.

Contact details

O: 0730745885

Web presence

Business Address

Rustenburg, Rustenburg, South Africa

Professional Portfolios

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Professional details

Current Position(s)

Curvy Ms RSA 2016 | Curvy Ms RSA
2016 - present

Cinda | CiDi Productions
2010 - present


2013 High Rollers / Journalist
2013 Translations for NEMISA Documentries

2012 Fanie Fourie se Labola
2012 Wild at Heart
2012 Strike Back 3
2012 Layla Fourie
2012 Lion Girl

2011 Casting Coordinator – State Enemy No.1 / Production 12 September 2011
2011 Skesheskeshe – Support Role with Alfred Ntombela
2011 Scandal – Featured role in Coles
Generations - Featured role in Airport Scene

2010 Lollipop 2 – Cinema scene – Featured extra
Winnie – Plain Passenger – Extra
Winnie – Typist in Court Stompie Case – Featured Extra
Winnie – Release of Mandela – Extra

Wild at Heart – Receptionist – Featured Extra
Wild at Heart – Baptism Crowd – Featured Extra
Wild at heart - Bar Crowd – Extra
Wild at Heart – Street scene – Extra

First song written and composed was recognized on the CMA Country Album currently available, she have 2 CD’s out for sale, and in the process of 6 new albums with Dirk included.
2006 Started singing at small pubs and venues, it went on till 2009.
2009 Drommidaaris Trekker festival - Singer

Cinda did Shows, with Lance James, Bobby Angel, Billy Forest, Jody Wayen, Barbara Ray, Matt Hurter, Tommy Oliver, Hans Drommidaaris, Cheree Large.

Dirk | CiDi Productions
2010 - present


2013 High Rollers - Featured Policeman
2013 Voice Over / Narrator for NEMISA Documentries

2012 Fanie Fourie se Labola
2012 Wild at Heart
2012 Strike Back 3
2012 Layla Fourie
2012 Lion Girl

2011 Casting Manager of State Enemy No.1 / Productions 12 September 2011
2011 Skesheskeshe – Short Film Lead Actor with Alfred Ntombela / Directing
2011 Scandal – Featured role
2011 Generations – Featured Role

Dirk also featured in Binnelanders, and has been an extra on other occasions.
He has also been extra cast in 7de Laan.

2010 Dirk featured in his first feature film Lollipop 2 as an extra in the cinema scene.
He also featured in the movie Winnie, as a police man in the 40’s and 70’s and 90’s.
Dirk is also involved in International soap Wild at heart.

2009 Dirk arraigned the Family Festival in Thabazimbi with great success.

2009 Dirk met local artist Hans Drommidaaris, he did shows and comedy with Hans’s entertaining crowds, and motivational speaking with Africa Drums.

2007 Dirk met up with Charl van Zyl again, and they started to do road shows and promotions for large businesses, Madikwe Game Reserve, Mega City Mall, Lodges, Tao Lodge, Tree Frog, Madikwe Hills, and Bizz Africa.

2004 Dirk started doing promotions for Ellerines, Lewis, Jusua Doore, Price and Pride, Spur, Shotpack, Totpack, Readytot and local businesses.

1997 Dirk met Charl Van Zyl in a pub called Cheers,

In 1993 Dirk started out as a DJ for weddings, Birthday parties, fund raisings and pubs,

Artist | Hartklopduette
2009 - present

Entertainment free for Old Age homes
Live shows

Previous Position(s)

Manager | Undertaker | Doves Funerals and Insurance
Thabazimbi, South Africa | 2009 - 2010


Cash Management Centre Manager | Counting House | Fidelity Services Group (Pty) Ltd
Witbank, South Africa | 2000 - 2003


Packing of ATM's
Telkom Deposits
Packing Payrolls
Issuing Thomas Cook Travelers Cheques
Supply change for stores
Balancing ATM cash

Educational history


Hoerskool Generaal Hertzog, Witbank, South Africa (1997)


MSC Private College

Witbank, South Africa | 1998 - 1999

General Secretarial Diploma - Business Management, Entrepreneurs



SATMA Award | 2017

Nomination for SATMA 2017 Best New Comers

Shortlist and nomination

SATMA Award | 2016

media exposure

TV Show | 2009

Extras in soapies, supporting roles in soapies and featuring roles in international movies.

Competitive Accomplishments

2nd place | Swim Marathon for Cancer | 1999

Academic Achievements

Distinction in subjects | 1998

Secretarial Diploma

Other Achievements

Level 2 First Aider | 2015

Community project by Bakwena and Red Cross

Curvy Ms RSA 2016 | 2016



Red Cross

Marketing, 2016 - present



Community Worker, 2013 - present

We entertain the elderly all over South Africa, and make ourselves available for fundraisers

Other Activities


Auctioneer, 2009 - present

Basic small auctioneer..

Animal Shelters

Available for fundraisers and marketing, 2009 - present

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