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Master-class of assembling and setting up a PC

Posted by Alexandr Volkov 2675854

Start date: 18-01-2018
End date: 25-01-2018

Basic information and components of the PC, Bios, work with office equipment, installation, and configuration of Windows. In this course, you will become acquainted with the concept of the architecture of a computer using the IBM PC example. And also get the necessary knowledge about the structure, internal components and technical characteristics of the personal computer, the methods of diagnostics and troubleshooting in its device, BIOS settings. In addition, you will gain professional experience in the field of "service engineer". The program includes practical and theoretical studies in the following areas: Basic information about PC Overview of the components of a personal computer Overview of the components of TOP gaming PCs Overview of devices and main components of the motherboard Information carriers and devices for working with them Extension cords Video, audio and network cards, as well as accelerators, modems, etc. Build the computer. Basic input-output system (BIOS) Configuring Operating Systems Working with information Overview of office equipment Installation, installation, and configuration of network equipment More info-


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Karla Jones 2675845
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Alexandr Lorvinus