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Executive Job Listing

Sales Consultant: Commercial Asset

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Industry: Accounting, Banking and Finance

Date posted: Fri, 12 Jan 2018

Location: Centurion,

Expires: Tue, 13 Mar 2018

Compensation: R552077 (Negotiable)

Reference Number: 1347314

Job Description

Main   Purpose of the Job

To  support the Land Bank Insurance partners and intermediaries to market, sell   and deliver Land Bank Insurance products to the target market

Key   Performance Areas

Achievement   of sales targets in the designated sales channel
  • Consult the strategy and roadmap of LBIC/ LBLIC to determine the objectives   and targets to be achieved
  • Engage with Sales Manager/MD on sales targets to achieve with clients
  • Agree to the sales targets per individual and ensure that the LBIS   deliverables are met
  • Monitor the sales activities to ensure that targets are achieved
  • Institute corrective steps when targets are not met
  • Assist relevant partners in the formulation and execution of sales strategy
  • Compile the relevant reports and submit to the relevant role players within   allocated time frames
  • Manage and negotiate sales contracts/agency agreements with partners in   accordance with policies, procedures and legal requirements
  Manage Stakeholder Relationships
  • Provide Support to Brokers, UMAs and Wholesale partner’s offices on   Insurance Products
  • Marketing
  • Manage Branding, Advertising and Events for each Channel / Partner
  • Negotiate terms with brokers, UMA’s and clients; corporate and individual
  • Identify the relevant role players in accordance with business requirements   and dependencies
  Land Bank
  Business Partners
  Land Bank wholesale partners
  • Set-up meetings with the role players (Co-ops/Wholesale Partners) to   discuss the roles and responsibilities and possible areas of cooperation,   improvement and conflict
  • Obtain mutual agreement on the resolution of issues, meetings required and   the delivery of inter-dependent outputs and results
  • Agree to the expected outcomes from each party
  • Monitor the performance of all relevant role players continuously to ensure   that the agreements are honoured
  Provide Support to Sales Staff on Insurance Products
  • Provide internal support to LBIC/ LBLIC asset underwriting team
  • Assist with claims assessments
  • Receive and analyse a request for support to determine the nature and   extent of the support to be provided; or
  • The need for provision of support is identified during the execution of   outputs
  • Diagnose the type of support to determine the appropriate action
  • Provide information
  • Provide possible solutions
  • Conduct research to develop a solution
  • Escalate the problem to the best possible person for resolution
  • Attending exhibitions and shows
  • Provide/develop a support/solution; or
  • Escalate the problem to the relevant role players for a solution/support
  Facilitate Training
  • Train the relevant Staff (wholesale partners) on products, processes,   computer systems and claims.
  • Receive a request for the training and analyses to determine the nature and   extent of the training; or
  • Identify the need for training in accordance with queries and staff   application
  • Conduct a Training Needs Analysis to determine the exact learning   requirement
  • Define the learning objectives in accordance with the learning requirement
  • Develop the learning material in accordance with the objectives; or
  • Update and improve current training material to reflect new information and   business imperatives
  • Consult the requester to ensure that the learning material will address the   needs
  • Determine the facilitation technique required to facilitate the training
  • Have a Marketing Plan for each partner to sell existing products and launch   new products
  • Determine the requirements related to the selling and launching of   new/improved products
  • Plan the campaigns required to implement the new/improved products in terms   of
  • Resource requirements
  • Promotion material
  • Support documentation
  • Pre-launch training requirements
  • Marketing
  • Manage the launching and selling of the products in accordance with   policies, procedures and legal requirements
  • Manage launching and selling of products within allocated time frames
  Manage Branding, Advertising and Events for each channel/partner
  • Determine the branding requirements
  • Allocate the branding actions to the relevant role players
  • Ensure that the branding is completed in accordance with the LBIS Corporate   Identity
  • Manage the branding actions within allocated time frames
  • Co-ordinate relevant agricultural events with the Land Bank Marketing   Department