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Gerald Maarman

Gerald Jerome Maarman

Clinical Research Manager & Principle Investigator

Currently resides in: Western Cape, South Africa

Born 24-04-1984 in Cape Town South Africa

My name is Gerald Maarman, a young man born and raised in one of Cape Town's previously disadvantaged "coloured" communities in the Cape Flats. A place where the fate of most young people, is drug/alcohol abuse and gangsterism but I am blessed to have escaped the claws of negative stereotypical norms and be successful in building a better life for myself and my family. The journey up until today has been one of many challenges and obstacles but with the support of many people I made it thus far.

With a background such as mine, I make it my goal to go out to young people all over South Africa, to not just speak empty words but to show them my life as an example. Showing them, that your circumstances should not define who you become and neither should it determine your future. In fact, these things should inspire us to become better than those before us. It is possible to become the best that you can be, irrespective of the challenges you face.

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in Medical Science Researcher/Scientist

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Research Manager | Desmond Tutu TB Center, Dept. Pediatrics & Child Health, University of Stellenbosch
2017 - present

Responsible for providing writing support to research team (manuscript writing and abstract support of research teams):
• Assist research team with the initiation of academic outputs in the form of posters, abstracts and manuscripts.
• Strategizing to support and complete writing activities within the Population Cohort (PC) Team.
• Liaising with leadership and guiding the research team through approval processes for the publication and presentation of posters, manuscripts and abstracts to ensure that publication and conference deadlines are achieved.
• Ensuring that the research team participates in academic developmental activities and research events.
Working closely with PC project manager in the implementation of PC activities:
• Working closely with Population Cohort research team in the implementation of PC research.
• Working closely with data, regulatory and lab managers on quality management activities within the PC.
• Working closely with the PC research team in the implementation of the Population Cohort.
• Travel to research sites whenever necessary.
• Working with the Population Cohort Project manager to ensure that data that will be used for academic reasons is of high quality and is available towards reaching academic goals.
• Ensure that ethical requirements are fulfilled.
- Provide strategic direction, management oversight and monitoring and evaluation of diagnostic, teaching, training and research and development mandates and total quality management and accreditation.
- Member of the executive management team responsible for strategic planning of the organisation.
- Cooperate with various key stakeholders and build strong relationships with stakeholders of health research and health service delivery.
- Manage research development and collaboration with international partners.
- Management of grant writing and expenditure.

Previous Position(s)

Health Professional Trainer | Pediatrics & Child Health | University of Stellenbosch
Cape Town, South Africa | January 2017 - December 2018

Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

- Undertaking the training of medical personnel such as enrolled nurses, professional nurses and research nurses on academic writing and publications.

Invited lecturer | Medicine | University of Cape Town
Cape Town, South Africa | March 2015 - March 2016

Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

- I have experience in lecturing medical sciences at undergraduate and postgraduate level.
- I have have experience in teaching academic writing, health research implementation and health service delivery.
- My lecturing and teaching experience have been gained at University of Cape Town and Stellenbosch University.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow | Department of Human Biology | University of Cape Town
Cape Town, South Africa | December 2014 - December 2016

Academia, Education and Training

- Investigated the underlining mechanisms of fructose-induced type-2 diabetes mellitus and insulin resistance. My particular interest is the resultant skeletal-muscle mitochondrial dysfunction, the involvement of the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex and its enzymatic components and how excessive dietary fructose consumption alter these.
- Investigated the health benefits of melatonin in skeletal muscle injury, heart disease and pulmonary hypertension.

Educational history


Eersterivier Secondary School, Cape Town, South Africa (2002)


University of Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa | August 2011 - December 2014

Ph.D. - Cardiology/Cardiovascular Physiology in Medicine

University of Stellenbosch

Cape Town, South Africa | January 2008 - March 2011

MSc. - Medical Physiology (Cardiovascular Focus)

University of Stellenbosch

Cape Town, South Africa | January 2007 - December 2007

BSc. Hons. - Medical Physiology (Cardiovascular Focus)

University of Stellenbosch

Cape Town, South Africa | January 2004 - January 2007

BSc. - Functional Human Biology



Clinical Excellence Award | 2014

Invited and Official Member of the Golden Key International Honour Society | 2011

National Researh Foundation (NRF) - Collaborative Postgraduate Training Award | 2014

media exposure

VOA News | 2010

PVRI | 2013

SOCRU | 2011

Sun Media | 2014

Other Achievements

Research Grant as Principle Investigator | 2017

Research focuses on delineating the underlying mechanisms of Rooibos-induced cardioprotection.



European Society of Cardiology

Member, 2012 - present

European Society of Cardiology

Member, 2012 - present

European Society of Cardiology

Member, 2012 - present

Physiological Society of Southern Africa (PSSA)

Member, 2007 - present

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