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Mamphake Mabule


Currently resides in: Gauteng, South Africa

Born in Nebo South Africa

An entrepreneur who is task-oriented, results-driven with planning and organizing skills as well as paying attention to details while working on building a digital strategy implementation and analytics business.

Contact details

O: 0814254489

M: 0733141234

Web presence

Business Address

22 Grobler Cres, Rayton, South Africa, 1001

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Proprietor | MEP DIgital Systems
Tshwane, South Africa | June 2017 - present

Manufacturing and Industrial

MEP Digital Systems (Proprietor) - As an entrepreneur and mechanician, His business is involved in the planning, organizing, and controlling the design, supply and installation of mechanical equipment, industrial electronics and embedded systems with applications in manufacturing, designing and production processes including Fire detection and Alarms, CCTV and Electronic Article Surveillance, Remote Access Control, HVAC systems, Pipe Surveying, Video and Audio systems, Power Line Conditioners and UPS devices, Networking as well as Electric Motor and Pumps controllers including Ultraviolet Filtration systems, Electrostatic Oil Cleaner and Spare Parts, Industrial Machinery Spare Parts including Sensors, actuators and other digital process instrumentation. His work includes providing the digital strategy implementation and technical support while finding new innovative solutions using a combination of analytical and technical skills as well as developing solutions for smart facilities and equipment asset management.

Previous Position(s)

Proprietor | Documan Consulting
Rayton, South Africa | 2012 - 2017

Building, Construction and Engineering

Documan Consulting (Proprietor) - He founded the business which focused on project planning within the commercial property and construction industry with involvement in ergonomics, service coordination, logistics, documentation, and project management within the building environment as well as the movement of materials, or logistics of tangible components in a supply chain. Specifically, his duties covered the purchasing and leasing of plants, factories and warehouses. He used his unique set of skills when coming to liaising with clients while compiling bids or tender documents, Bill of quantity (according to SANS, GCC, COLTO), Project proposals and Specification. He wrote reports and issued Payment (Conformity Certificates), including managing projects while working with a network of professional people who are dedicated to providing a reliable and professional service. His services also involved designing and evaluating energy solutions, master planning including short term and long term forecasting, researching and documentation of data for studies, negotiating terms and conditions, evaluating economics and recommending size of capital expenditures, assembling and presenting proposal packages, controlling flow of transactions, working to obtain necessary zoning and permits. Specifically, His responsibility in the development and maintenance of assets ensured that his clients reduce risk, manage budgetary constraints through the evaluation of water and energy consumption, programming of maintenance work of electrical and mechanical equipment, quality control of purchases and ordering including the standards involved in ordering, shipping, and commissioning of the equipment, as well as the provision of progress charts and schedules. His day-to-day due diligence tasks included verifying property title, encumbrances and site restrictive conditions while developing negotiating strategies and positions, programming of construction work using CCS and CAD programs, as well as the project planning using enterprise resource planning, whilst conducting evaluation of building performance (sustainability and durability), proposed site layout feasibility studies and selection, as well as mass-haul programming (movement of materials), or logistics of tangible components of a supply chain. He also estimated site development costs, compilation of bid documentation, Bill of quantity, Project proposals and specification compilation, Report writing and issuing of occupancy certificates, and managed projects. He also handled other components such as calculating building energy consumption and finding outdoor advertising solutions.

Executive Director | Dihlakanyane Trading
Tshwane, South Africa | February 2012 - April 2016

Academia, Education and Training

Dihlakanyane Trading (Pty) Ltd - Registration No. K2012-025318-07 (T/A Instructor Labs.) He co-founded the company while working as a freelancing instructor with an understanding that training is a learning process that involves the acquisition of knowledge, sharpening of skills, concepts, rules, or changing of attitudes and behaviors to enhance the performance of the individual. He was instrumental in the development of training programs under controlled conditions in which learning, research, experiments, and measurement are performed. He later focused on developing programs in training human behavior using technology and worked as a program developer as well as technical writer, armed with the knowledge to offer learners the required training using technical publications and technology.

Executive Director | Dithokeng Cleaning Services
Tshwane, South Africa | August 2006 - December 2007

Building, Construction and Engineering

Dithokeng Cleaning Service cc - Registration No. B2006-055173-23 provided expert cleaning service to customers in the public and private sectors. He was responsible for employee training within the industry’s best practices, Landscaping, Managing workshop equipment including routine maintenance programs.

Managing Director | Keyamo Management Solutions
Johannesburg, South Africa | April 2003 - November 2016

ICT and Telecommunications

Keyamo Management Solutions (Pty) Ltd - Registration No. M2003-007550-07 (T/A Keyamo Technologies) provided Integrated Systems Management Solutions. He co-founded the company and was responsible for the provision of technical support on systems procurement, installation and maintenance with a team of sales technician. His work also included the provision of technical support and basic programming with the primary function to educate client on products while offering support the systems while providing strategic solutions.

Managing Director | Mamphake Office Supplies
Rayton, South Africa | July 1999 - February 2017

Building, Construction and Engineering

Mamphake Office Supplies cc, Registration no.1999-041077-23 (T/A Mamphake Design Studios) belonged to the category Catering, Offices Electronic Equipment Retail and Office Interior Design including Office Furniture, Facilities Management and Office Cleaning within Pretoria. He founded the close cooperation and as a managing member, he organized office operations and procedures; prepared payroll; controlled correspondence; designed filing systems; reviewed and approved supply requisitions; assigned and monitored clerical functions. He also worked in a drawing office with his combination of Mechanical, Electrical Draughting skills using Computer-Aided Design in 3D Modeling and simulation while striving to bring innovation and efficiency with a value added professional services as well as endeavored to help improve product offerings. He has experience in product development from inception to production and his contribution has also been in vendor development, process selection, and product evaluation for cost. He was constantly researching the use of materials including different ways of bringing together manufacturing technologies from different environments in order to increase production while reducing costs. In so doing he was able to translate ideas from working drawings into products which meet consumer needs. His work included Product Design, Production Planning and Compiling/Evaluating Data and Sales Support. He has also been familiarized with engineering modelling and draughting softwares including: Updating Floor layout, Indicating Data and Network Point, Designing facilities, Designing 3D to detail, Tracing drawings, Cabinet Layouts, Update Layout, Indicating Data and Network Point, Creating hand over Files for sign off, Keeping good record of Filing, Updating Forecast, Updating Client about work schedule, Project Management and Arranging Technical site visits, Compering Quotes from suppliers, Ordering stock and Creating Quotes.

Educational history


Cultura High School, Bronkhorstspruit, South Africa (1998)


Inscape Design College

Pretoria, South Africa | 2011 - 2012

Architectural Draughting - Architecture

University of South Africa - UNISA

Pretoria, South Africa | 2002 - 2005

Bachelor of Commerce - Management

Pretoria Techinikon

Pretoria, South Africa | 1999 - 2001

National Diploma: Electrical Engineering - Electronics

Pretoria-West Technical College

Pretoria, South Africa | 1996 - 1997

National Certificate - Mechanical Engineering


media exposure

My Blog | 2012

Other Achievements

Computer iLabs | 2001

Gauteng Online was a computer laboratory project called 'iLabs' which were build in public schools in order to provide learners and teachers with internet connectivity. The project aimed to improve the quality of education in the province by using the Internet and e-mail in order to improve curriculum delivery in public schools. As project manager: He lead a team which designed, commissioned and installed iLabs Computer Network, Fire Protection and Security System with Conduits, Raceways, and HVAC. He recruited and managed a team of technicians from different disciplines whilst maintaining a secured and safe working environment; He contributed in accomplishing project results by coordinating resources and schedules; He also contributed to accomplishing financial objectives by forecasting requirements; He prepared budgets, scheduled expenditure, analyzed variances and initiated corrective action.

Instructor Training App | 2012

He developed a mobile app (beta phase) which aimed to bringing improvements in learner driver education while ensuring that the learner ability is consistent using technology as a Training-Aid. The program worked through monitoring the learner while maneuvering a vehicle around obstacles in the Practice Yard, and in a Simulated Route while City Driving, etc with the information being evaluated through a complex logarithm and then determining the period of the Learner Driver's preparation or lesson plan based on the level of performance.



Siyathemba Nokeng

Board Member, 2008 - 2012

He volunteered in a Non govermental organisation specializing in HTS, TB screening and other related illness. He was elected on the board of directors with the responsibility as the chairperson to ensure that board members put aside their personal interests and opinions when performing board duties and participating in decision-making. In addition, ensuring that the board member considered the impact of their decisions on the interests of other parties, including the beneficiaries and employees. He served on the board and worked with the secretary in ensuring that materials and board minutes of the previous meeting were sent to the board before the scheduled meeting so that they can carefully review the materials. He used the preparatory work to help members formulate questions while asking for clarifications and in the determination of other potential agenda items. He was responsible together with other members of the board for reviewing the bylaws, rules and regulations for inconsistencies or inaccuracies and ensured that I attended all board meetings, committee meetings and specialized committee meetings – in particular, audit committee meetings. The board approved annual budgets and were also responsible for ensuring that adequate financial resources are available to the organization. The board was ultimately responsible for a system of internal control. They set appropriate policies on internal control and seeked regular assurances that the system were functioning effectively. He also chaired audit committee members and made sure that proper internal controls were established and that committee members were informed of all critical accounting choices which were adopted by the organization. As a board member, He insisted on reviewing all documentation that supported the risk assessment review of all of the tough choices between auditor and management.

African National Congress

Head of Mobilisation, 2005 - 2006

He was deployed as a regional head of mobilisation by the Africa National Congress branches in the ANC Metsweding Region with duties involving leading, managing a team of volunteers and co-ordinating resources while engaging and motivating a wide range of community members and allies in order to raise awareness of campaigns. He participated in and conducted research that highlighted demands for particular community development objectives including land-use/rights and resolved conflict through dialogue. He was constantly in contact with other members of African National Congress, community networks, labour movements, civic and religious groups including others while working professionally to reach-out to specific communities through dialogue and a planned campaign.

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