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Members who attended University of Cambridge

Helen Suzman
  • Former South African Politician
Nelson Mandela
  • Former President of South Africa
Nadine Gordimer
  • South African Novelist and Noble Prize Winner
Njabulo Ndebele
  • Chancellor of the University of Johannesburg
Mark Moody-Stuart
  • Non-Executive Chairman of Anglo American PLC
Mvume Dandala
  • South African Poilitician
Jacques Sellschop
  • South African scientist
Anthony Gubbay
  • Former Zimbabwean Chief Jusitice of Supreme Court
Andrew Feinstein
  • Writer, Analyst, and Author
Nicola Newton-King
  • CEO of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange Limted
Walter Grindrod
  • President of Durban Chamber of Commerce
Maarten De Wit
  • Director of CIGCES