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Vadim Jivov

President of Uranium One Inc

Val Waldeck

Reaching Our Generation one Book at a Time

Val Wolff

Pastor at Christ Healing Centre

Val Hamann

Author - Motivational Speaker - West Cape Prisons

Val Bourdos Nichas

Owner of V.B.N Consultants

Val Currin

Coaching tennis Johannesberg and Pretoria

Valence Watson

CEO of Vulisango

Valencia Baloi

A LLB graduate and business owner and director.

Valencia Ernstzen

HR Projects Specialist at MWEB

Valensia Zaniwe Waibale

Johannesburg based HR & Financial Manager

Valentina Acava

Writer Activist multicultural facilitator

Valentine Chitalu

Non-Executive Director of Super Group Limited

Valentine Vera

Non-Executive Director of Hwange Colliery Company

Valentine Mavuso

Aspiring Author and Management Consultant