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Recently Updated Profiles

Ian Cele

Hospitality and Tourism Future Leader

Christopher Wilson

Global leaders in location data technology & TV Syncing advertising solutions. “Real Time” is co...

Gerrit Wissing

Senior Instructional Designer at TUT

Eugene De Wee

IT Professional and Social Evangelist

David De Villiers

Founder & Owner of Modelling South Africa PTY (ltd

Yagen Padayachee


Ranjit Gaind

Ranjit Gaind Entrepreneur, adventurer, sportsman.

Xolani Shandu

Managing Director at African Wild Travel

Mohammed Hassem

It’s more than technology, its personal.

Jayesh Prag

It’s more than success to you. It’s more than technology to us.

Russell Fisher

Director of Russell Fisher Properties

Tebogo Rakhudu

Founder and Executive Director at TEBKHU (MBA, PDM, BA)

Chris Nel

Aspiring Brand Manager

Natalie Truran

Virtual Assistant at Daily Business Solutions

Mr Volchere Kgekwane

C.E.O of National Black Business Caucus